There are lots of people who are more than happy to support STEM activities and our young people. Often it is just a case of reaching out. In the past this has included:

Rotary Australia

Your local branch would be very pleased to hear from you.Rotary


State and Federal Members of Parliment

State Members of Parliament

Local councils. We have included a link to the South Australian Local Government Site where you will see there is also a link to community funding opportunities. All states have similar funding opportunities available to our young people. It is just a matter of asking.

Please Click here to see South Australian opportunities.

Schools through their social justice funding

These organisations do great work in the community and are more than happy to hear from young people they may be able to provide support to.

If you are reading this and you or your organisation would like to offer additional financial support to young people to attend STEM opportunities please e-mail:, if you have a structure where young people can apply for financial assistance we would be happy to acknowledge your organisation.