Friends and Sponsors

We have built this site to provide support and information to young people and their supporters about some of the opportunities available to them regarding STEM and some pathways through the education system that may lead to exciting and well paid careers. Schools are complex places and sometimes information about opportunities available to our students simply fails to reach the right people, teachers and students. Our site allows parents and students to apply for direct entry to some of these activities and provides more information to teachers about what might be available to their students.

Indeed some of our friends have followed some of the very pathways we will better define in the future eg what is available at year 8, year 9, etc., and are now preparing for future careers in Engineering, Bio-chemistry, etc.

We would also like to thank, Jim's Beach House - Affordable Byron Bay Accommodation, for hosting and providing support for our site. Click here to view available Byron Stay dates for accommodation, and to make a booking!